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Cell Signalling, Oncogenesis and Therapeutics

The specificities
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Our general aim is to understand the molecular abnormalities of cancer cell signaling pathways and to translate these laboratory results into the development of new therapeutic strategies. We focus first on the receptor tyrosine kinase (RTK)/RAS/MAPK and RHOGTPase pathways to understand their connections with the control of cell proliferation, survival and tumor progression, and to design new therapeutic strategies. We also study the signaling and repair mechanisms of DNA double-strand breaks (DSB) generated in transcribed regions, and their cross-talk with oncogenic signaling, to understand their role in oncogenesis and resistance to targeted therapies. Team strengths in the leading-edge biotechnologies of GFP-based protein/protein interaction contribute to the discovery of new biological and clinical findings. Expertise in signal transduction and DNA damage response pathway has contributed directly and indirectly to new concepts in the resistance to targeted therapies and new target discovery. In close collaboration with clinical departments, we develop translational and clinical research in lung cancers.
Oncogenic signaling
Lung cancer
Translational research
Liquid biopsies
Clinical trials
Targeted therapy
Split GFP
DNA break
Genome instability




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