DynAct :
Molecular dynamics of Lymphocyte Interactions


The team is part of the ERC Synergy Grant funded “ATTACK Cancer” consortium, aiming to develop more effective and targeted cancer treatments.

The Toulouse Cancer Laboratory of Excellence is a project that aims to understand the mechanisms of resistance and relapse in cancer.


Immune responses are based on multiple and dynamic interactions between cells of the immune system leading to the formation of specialized signaling areas, the immunological synapses.

Our team applies a combination of state-of-the-art approaches, including fast live cell imaging and super-resolution microscopy (on single cells and human tissue slices) as well as mathematical modeling, in order to visualize and interpret the molecular dynamics occurring at immunological synapses. Deciphering the intercellular communication at the level of immunological synapses may contribute to the design of innovative therapeutic strategies aimed at modulating immune responses in different pathological contexts. Our research develops along the following 4 main axes.


Immunological synapse

Cytotoxic T lymphocytes

Tumor immunology

Real-time imaging techniques

Tumor immunoevasion


Computational biology

In silico modeling

Computer vision

Cartesian genetic programming

CD8+ memory-resident
T cells

     Tumor microenvironment


scientific productions

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Kévin Cortacero
Etudiant ou stagiaire / PhD student or Trainee
Salvatore Valitutti
Chercheur / Researcher
Chloé Lamesa
Personnel hospitalier / Hospital Staff
Cécile Demeur
Enseignant-chercheur / Teacher-researcher
Sabina Mueller
Ingénieur ou technicien / Engineer or Technician
Marie-Pierre Puisségur
Ingénieur ou technicien / Engineer or Technician
Brienne McKenzie
Chercheur / Researcher
Lucie Demeersseman
Ingénieur ou technicien / Engineer or Technician
Gaëlle Corsaut
Ingénieur ou technicien / Engineer or Technician
Frecia Rodriguez
Etudiant ou stagiaire / PhD student or Trainee
Fanny Lafouresse
Chercheur / Researcher


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