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Impact of genetic alterations on acute leukemia development


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Acute leukemia are cancers of the bone marrow associated with a poor prognosis, mainly sporadic, very rarely some of them having a genetic origin. The development of these cancers results from successive acquisition of mutations (generally between 1 and 5).

We are analyzing the biological mechanisms by which mutations in hematopoietic key genes (mainly PAX5 in B differentiation, GATA2 in myeloid differentiation and USP7 and CHK1 in cell cycle) reprogram normal progenitors to establish a pre-leukemic state and initiate leukemic transformation. Our team uses a multidisciplinary approach on patient samples and mouse models, using CRISPR-Cas9 mutagenesis, ex vivo and in vivo functional assays, flow cytometry, transcriptome and mutation analysis (by next generation sequencing) and high throughput drug screening.

This combined approach allows us to study normal hematopoietic development and the biology of hematopoietic stem cells as well as the oncogenic reprogramming and oncogenic process induced by genomic mutations.

This work is thus part of a fundamental and translational research, with the perspective of identifying new therapeutic agents improving the treatment of acute leukemia, in particular the targeting of leukemic stem cells.

Hematopoietic Transcription factors

Cell cycle actors

Somatic and Germline mutations

Acute Myeloid and B-cell Leukaemia (AML and B-ALL)

Myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS)

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Team members

Jérémy Bigot
Chercheur Post-Doctorant / Post-Doc researcher
Justine Thomas
Doctorant / PhD student
Pauline Enfedaque
Doctorant / PhD student
Philippe Leleux
Chercheur Post-Doctorant / Post-Doc researcher
Antoine Nouhaud
Doctorant / PhD student
Isabelle Luquet
Clinicien Chercheur / Researcher hospital practitioner
Laëtitia Largeaud
Doctorant / PhD student
Esmaa Sellam
Doctorant / PhD student
Stéphanie Dufréchou
Ingénieur de laboratoire / laboratory engineer
Christine Didier
Chercheur statutaire / permanent scientist
Naïs Prade
Ingénieur de laboratoire / laboratory engineer
Marlène Pasquet
Enseignant chercheur / University researcher
Stéphanie Struski
Ingénieur de laboratoire / laboratory engineer
Mathieu Bouttier
Ingénieur de laboratoire / laboratory engineer
Eric Delabesse
Hospitalo-Universitaire / University teacher hospital practitioner
Christel Lauer
Technicien de laboratoire / Laboratory Technician
Cyril Broccardo
Chercheur statutaire / permanent scientist
Sylvie Hebrard
Technicien de laboratoire / Laboratory Technician
Bastien Gerby
Chercheur statutaire / permanent scientist
Camille Hamelle
Ingénieur de laboratoire / laboratory engineer

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