The Cellular Imaging platform of the Technology Centre provides expertise to the regional academic and private scientific community. The service is essentially organised around photonic microscopy techniques: wide field, confocal and HCS microscopy…

The platform operates under specific internal regulations, which are integrated into the internal regulations of the Technology Cluster and validated by the CRCT Laboratory Council.

The Cellular Imaging platform is located in the L2 containment area of the Technology Centre, on the 1st floor of the CRCT’s A building.



The technologies at our disposal offer a coherent set of tools for the study of fixed samples (cells or tissue fragments), either fluorescent or stained, or on samples studied in a dynamic manner.


Our missions:

Advice and assistance to users for acquisitions

Training of users in order to become autonomous

Development of research projects in the form of collaboration

Processing, image analysis, formatting and communication of results

Management of equipment


The microscopes are freely available to users who have undergone compulsory training by the platform staff.
For other users, technical assistance is available by appointment.

Confocal lsm880 fast airyscan (ZEISS)

Inverted confocal microscope for 3D imaging on fixed samples (slide-lamellar) or living samples (glass slide support).

This technology is more resolutive (Airyscan module) than confocal while having a better signal/noise and with more speed thanks to the Fast module.





AxioObserver Z1 motorized inverted confocal microscope, it allows the realization of optical sections allowing resolved 3D reconstructions of fixed samples (slide-lamellar) or living samples (support with glass slide) and for F-techniques (FRAP, FLIM,)


Videomicroscope (ZEISS)

Fully motorised inverted microscope. It allows investigations on living cells at fast rates but also acquisitions over long periods (up to 1 week of observation). The system is adapted for a multiplicity of plastic and glass backgrounds (boxes, Labtek, etc…). Observation of samples in transmitted white light or fluorescence at various magnifications.


OPERETTA CLS - High content Imaging system (Perkin elmar)

Automated inverted wide field fluorescence and confocal microscope (spinning disk). Ideal for measuring and analysing fixed or living cells in a controlled environment, with the ability to analyse multiple structural and functional cellular parameters in parallel.


Automated imaging system that allows the monitoring of living cells in real time. The phenotype of the cells is associated live with various time-dependent quantitative data. Thanks to the analysis software, monitoring can be done 24 hours a day, over several days or even weeks, without any human intervention on the plates containing the cells under study. They remain confined under optimal conditions throughout the experiment.


The PhenoCycler-Fusion is an integrated platform that combines an automated cycling platform with a high-throughput imaging platform in an integrated end-to-end workflow.



All new users must have read the internal rules of the Cellular Imaging Platform and returned the information sheet.


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