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Y Lan Blanchard
Doctorant / PhD student
Caroline Fournier
Master / Master student
Alejandra Martinez
Hospitalo-Universitaire / University teacher hospital practitioner
Jean-Pierre Delord
Hospitalo-Universitaire / University teacher hospital practitioner
Myriam Maixent
Technicien de laboratoire / Laboratory Technician
Carlos Gomez-Roca
Clinicien Chercheur / Researcher hospital practitioner
Maha Ayyoub
Hospitalo-Universitaire / University teacher hospital practitioner
Françoise Lauzeral-Vizcaino
Ingénieur de laboratoire / laboratory engineer
Clara-Maria Scarlata
Ingénieur de laboratoire / laboratory engineer
Anna Salvioni
Chercheur Post-Doctorant / Post-Doc researcher
Christel Devaud
Chercheur Post-Doctorant / Post-Doc researcher
Victor Sarradin
Doctorant / PhD student
Giulia Costanza Leonardi
Chercheur Post-Doctorant / Post-Doc researcher
Virginie Feliu
Ingénieur de laboratoire / laboratory engineer
Lise Scandella
Technicien de laboratoire / Laboratory Technician
Marie Michelas
Ingénieur de laboratoire / laboratory engineer
Célia Ramade
Doctorant / PhD student
Sylvie Giuriato
Chercheur statutaire / permanent scientist
Noémie Thébault
Ingénieur de laboratoire / laboratory engineer

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