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Colorectal cancer is the second most deadly cancer, 25% of patients are diagnosed at an advanced stage with distant metastases and another 25% will eventually develop them. These metastases will settle in the liver in 80% of cases and will be particularly difficult to treat.

Awarded a prize by the Amgen France Fund, the project led by Dr Christel Devaud within the CRCT team 1 (Anti-Tumour Immunity and Immunotherapy) explores the interaction between the primary colon tumour and its metastases which invade the liver. The local activation of CD8 T lymphocytes, naturally present in the colon, allows on the one hand the fight against the primary tumour, and on the other hand the emission of these lymphocytes towards the metastases.

The challenge of this project is to characterise the colon’s lymphocytes in depth in order to understand the mechanisms that enable the fight against metastases.

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Christel Devaud

Team T2i : Anti-tumour immunity and immunotherapy

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