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Therapeutic innovation in pancreatic cancer

The specificities
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Pancreatic cancer, or pancreatic adenocarcinoma (PDAC), will soon become the second leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide, due to late diagnosis and lack of effective treatment. Our research effort is dedicated to the development of new strategies to improve the management of patients with this cancer.

In this context, our research objective is to better understand the mechanisms of PDAC oncogenesis and therapeutic resistance. In particular, we are studying the role of genome remodelling and replication in gene expression and resistance to DNA-breaking agents (Project 1). We are deciphering the proteins and protein-protein interactions involved in pancreatic oncogenesis and resistance to treatment using intracellular antibodies (Project 2). Finally, we are investigating the mechanisms responsible for the resistance of cancer cells to oncolytic viruses, and studying the impact of these viruses on the anti-tumour immune response (Project 3).

The overall goal of this research project is to translate our basic research findings into tangible therapeutic innovations for pancreatic cancer patients, using a precision medicine approach.

Pancreatic Cancer



Innovative therapies

Regulation of gene expression

Protein-protein interaction

Intracellular antibodies

Oncolytic viruses

Gene therapy






We are happy to announce that after two years without SSM, the 12th edition of the Summer School on Medicines will take place in Toulouse (France) from Friday July 1st, 2022 till Friday July 8th, 2022. Registration is open, more information here:

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team members

Sophie Gilbert
Chercheur Post-Doctorant / Post-Doc researcher
Guillaume Labrousse
Ingénieur de laboratoire / laboratory engineer
Anaïs Cornebois
Doctorant / PhD student
Margaux Vienne
Chercheur Post-Doctorant / Post-Doc researcher
Adèle Nevot
Ingénieur de laboratoire / laboratory engineer
Agathe Redouté
Doctorant / PhD student
Claire Vargas
Doctorant / PhD student

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