NoLymIT :

New Immunotherapies Against Lymphoma

The Toulouse Cancer Laboratory of Excellence is a project that aims to understand the mechanisms of resistance and relapse in cancer



Our work focuses on the innate and adaptive immune responses in lymphoma with a special emphasis on the study of γδ T cells and macrophages, and the mechanisms of regulation of immune checkpoint expression.

Recently, we have introduced single cell RNAseq techniques and developed bionformatics tools allowing us to explore the functional status and maturation/differentiation stage of cytotoxic effectors at the single cell level in lymphoma lymph node or blood samples.

The privileged access to different cohorts of lymphoma patients has also allowed us to identify biomarkers of response in lymphoma and establish a screening platform based on 3D models from lymphoma patients’ samples.

B lymphoma/LLC

 microenvironment & gamma delta T cells

 immune escape mechanisms & post-transcriptional regulation
of immune checkpoints

biomarkers of response/progression

3D models

therapeutic screenings

single cell RNAseq

 bioinformatics tools




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