The CRCT and the IUCT-o will participate in the INTREPIDS project

In order to accelerate the search for therapeutic solutions for lymphoma patients, three partners have decided to pool their expertise by signing a tripartite agreement. This partnership sets up the conditions for collaboration between the AstraZeneca laboratory, Inserm Transfert (Inserm’s private subsidiary representing research teams) and researchers belonging to the Carnot Institute CALYM network on preclinical and translational projects. This 3-year collaboration will allow the funding of up to two projects per year.

The INTREPIDS project will be funded immediately within the framework of this partnership. It aims to evaluate the potential of immunotherapy in central nervous system lymphoma. Using patient samples, a screening of molecules modulating the immune response will be carried out on different models in an attempt to identify the most promising strategies for the future treatment of patients suffering from this rare disease.

The teams of Christine Bezombes (CRCT) and Loïc Ysebaert (IUCT-o) will participate in this project.

“Cerebral lymphomas have the particularity of developing in the central nervous system, which provides the lymphoma with a microenvironment favourable to tumour proliferation, partly linked to the immunocompromised nature of this environment, which could limit the effectiveness of immunotherapies. The aim of this work is to evaluate different strategies for immunomodulating this environment”, said Dr Carole Soussain, haematologist at the Institut Curie and Prof Loïc Ysebaert of the Toulouse Cancer Research Centre (CRCT UMR1037 – Inserm / Toulouse III-Paul Sabatier University / ERL CNRS 5294).

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