Cholesterol Metabolism and
Therapeutic Innovations

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We explore the role of cholesterol metabolism in the control of tumor progression and in the resistance to therapies in several cancers (breast, skin, thyroid, leukemia). We are studying the biological properties and biosynthetic pathways of two metabolites that we have discovered: dendrogenin A (DDA) and oncosterone (OCDO) which are respectively tumor suppressor and tumor promoter metabolites. The ultimate goal of these studies is to develop new drug candidates and theranostic tools for new targeted and personalized cancer therapies. They will also define the role of the sterol component of the diet on the development of certain cancers.





secretory vesicles



nuclear receptors


metabolic imaging

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Lavinia Vija
Clinicien Chercheur / Researcher hospital practitioner
Michel Record
Chercheur statutaire / permanent scientist
Marc Poirot
Chercheur statutaire / permanent scientist
Sandrine Poirot
Chercheur statutaire / permanent scientist
Julio Bunay
Chercheur Post-Doctorant / Post-Doc researcher
Séverine Brillouet
Clinicien Chercheur / Researcher hospital practitioner
Philippe De-Medina
Ingénieur de laboratoire / laboratory engineer
Khadijetou Diallo
Doctorant / PhD student
Laly Pucheu
Technicien de laboratoire / Laboratory Technician
Ayadi Silia
Doctorant / PhD student


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