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The CRCT has been located on the Oncopole site since September 2014


An audacious real estate project costing just over 41 million euros and financed under the CPER by Occitanie Pyrénées-Méditerranée Region, Toulouse-Métropole, the State, Inserm, CNRS, FNADT and FEDER, the building, owned by Inserm, houses the CRCT’s teams and platforms, as well as the CREFRE’s services (Regional Centre for Functional Exploration and Experimental Resources, UMS 006 Inserm/University of Toulouse III Paul Sabatier/ENVT), on more than 13,000 m2 of usable space (25,000 m2 of total surface area). It was inaugurated by the Prime Minister in October 2014.

Discover the architectural project of our building on the VIB Architecture website by clicking here.


Gilles Favre, Director of CRCT

Gilles Favre is Professor of Biochemistry and Medical Biology at the University of Toulouse; he is also Scientific Director and Director of the Medical Oncology Biology Laboratory at the Toulouse-Oncopole University Cancer Institute.
Lastly, Gilles Favre is also in charge of the SIGNATHER team at the CRCT. Gilles Favre’s research focuses on cell signalling in cancer, identification of therapeutic targets and translational research approaches for the discovery of new biomarkers. He has made major contributions to…

internal regulations

Internal rules and regulations

The internal regulations determine the operating procedures of the Toulouse Cancer Research Centre (UMR1037) and aim to define the organisation and rules of governance and management.
Any modification of these internal regulations must be proposed by the Director of the CRCT and validated by the Laboratory Council of the Unit.

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Scientific Steering Committee

Student Activity – COMET

The student activity of the CRCT is rich and varied: the actions set up by the students make it possible to develop the animation and the scientific valorization and to take part in the life of the Center.

The postdocs association

The postdocs association gathers the postdocs who are currently present in the CRCT. Its goal is to create scientific and social exchanges between postdocs.

Centre de Recherches en Cancérologie de Toulouse

Toulouse Cancer Research Center (Oncopole)

Toulouse - FR

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