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The CRCT’s student activity is rich and varied: the actions set up by the students allow the development of scientific animation and promotion and to participate in the life of the Center. 



Created in 2019 by Bruno Ségui and the members of the Centre’s Management, the PhD Programme aims to encourage PhD students to:

  • Acquire a scientific culture of excellence in oncology, from basic science to the clinic.
  • Communicate and discuss in scientific English.



student scientific committee



The COMET is an internal body of the PhD Programme.

This committee is charge of different missions (Journal Club, workshop) allowing PhD students to participate in the scientific animation of the Centre and to acquire a scientific culture in oncology.  Each year, it is composed of about ten students with a leader (or co-leader). The participation of students as members is recognised by the doctoral school and allows them to validate a module.



  • Axel Arthur – Team RNAreg
  • Emeline Boet – Team METAML
  • Charly Courdy – Team METAML
  • Charlotte Ducau – Team METAML
  • Matthieu Genais – Team MELASPHINX
  • Alexis Hucteau – Team METAML
  • Agathe Redouté – Team ImPact


– Organisation of the Journal Club:

Setting up of the weekly Journal Club for doctoral students (every Thursday from 1.30 to 2 pm).

The presentation aims to explain a recent scientific article in English for 15 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of questions.
Setting up a system that allows those who wish to participate, with a rotation by team each week.


– Organisation of scientific workshops:

These workshops aim to exchange on a scientific theme, in English, by inviting an international speaker and by presenting the thesis work of 5 to 10 students. Each scientific workshop, lasting ½ day, is organised by 1 or 2 members of the COMET in collaboration with the Scientific Steering Committee and the CRCT’s axis leader.

  • Area 1 – Oncogenic pathways of cancer: from modelling to targeted therapy
  • Area 2 – RNA and Cancer
  • Area 3 – Tumour microenvironment and metabolism
  • Area 4 – Onco-immunology


– Interacting with the Direction of the Center, the heads of the axes, the researchers and the students.

– The CRCT’s PhD excellence

To obtain the label of excellence PhD of the CRCT:

  • You must present at least 1 Journal Club and 1 oral presentation each year in the context of the Center’s scientific activities
  • Obtain a total score of at least 30 points by attending conferences and Journal Clubs

The COMET certifies the participation of students in the events organised by the Center in order to validate the “PhD Excellence” label.

At the end of the academic year, a score is calculated in order to award the most involved students :

  • The CRCT label of excellence
  • 3 grants per year (1000€) to participate in an international conference



"Journal Club" by year

Axes of reflection

Label "PhD Excellence"




These meetings are organised by the Center’s students on a voluntary basis and with the participation of the Center’s management in order to maintain cohesion between PhD students.
These events allow students to exchange with students from other teams, around scientific or more general issues.

Some examples of student meetings

  • Integration meeting for students at the beginning of their thesis and internship,
  • Meeting at the beginning of the year (in January),
  • End-of-year and end-of-exam meetings.

 Once a quarter, a CRCT board game evening (Scienti Ludo) is proposed for CRCT members.

In addition to the games library that Elie Marcheteau and Guillaume Labrousse offer, everyone can bring the board games they wish to share with their colleagues.

The COMET is present to animate the games and to allow you to spend a convivial moment: these evenings are meant to be convivial, we propose to everyone to bring some food according to the traditional “auberge espagnole” mode.


Once a week between 12 noon and 2pm, a “Touch Rugby” session (non-contact rugby) is organised by the CRCT students. This activity is open to all, does not require any specific equipment and takes place in a friendly and sporting spirit.

Get your trainers and come and play with us !



Choir workshops are run every week by Ghilaine Dussourd at the CRCT. These workshops are financially supported by CLAS INSERM. This student group allows students to share, to have fun, to learn to sing in a group, with several voices, in languages that they do not know: the good mood is always there!

Performances at the IUCT are organised in collaboration with the choirs of the other INSERM centres and with the IUCT-O classical music group. These concerts take place on the occasion of the music festival and at Christmas time.

To join the group, you don’t need to have an operatic voice, anyone can join !


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