The Vectorology platform offers you a “custom” production service for recombinant viral vectors of the lentivector and AAV type. It advises you on the type of vector and serotype best suited to your objectives, as well as on the level of concentration/purification to be used according to your needs.

The platform also offers a cloning service to insert your sequences of interest (cDNA, ShRNA, sgRNA, etc.) into the appropriate plasmids for vector production. It can also offer you various expression cassettes allowing the co-expression, inducible or not, of sequences of interest with reporter or selection genes.

We can also assist you in using the CRISPR/Cas genome editing system in a viral context.

The platform also puts its know-how at the service of research teams by offering individualised training courses on learning to work in the L3 confined zone and on lentivirus production.


Production of lentivectors, retrovectors and AAV vectors (different serotypes available).

Possibility of concentration by ultracentrifugation (lentivector @ 108TU/ml) and purification by double cesium gradient (AAV @ 1012 vg/ml) for in vivo and/or ex vivo use.

Titration and quality control of vector batches produced.

Transduction of your lines of interest to obtain stable lines.

Cloning your sequences of interest into shuttle plasmids.

Amplification of plasmids under endotoxin-free conditions

The platform also offers assistance with declarations to obtain the approval of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. This approval is mandatory for any handling of GMOs.

Available equipment

Access to this laboratory is subject to mandatory training by the platform manager.
Future users must have acquired very good experience in cell culture beforehand.



The vectorology platform has a Level 3 (L3) containment laboratory with 3 production boxes.


Each box is dedicated to
a specific activity: production of lentiviral/retrovectors,
AAV or oncolytic viruses.



 An ultracentrifuge is available to concentrate or purify vector batches.



The platform also has an L2 laboratory for the use of these vectors and an L1 laboratory for bacteriology.


All new users must have read the internal rules of the Vectorology Platform and returned the information sheet.


Loïc Van Den Berghe

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Ingénieur ou Technicien / Engineer or Technician


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