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RNA-Binding Proteins and Genotoxic Stress



Our team has a long-standing interest in the regulation of cancer gene expression. In particular, we have been studying the post-transcriptional regulation of genes involved in key cellular processes underlying the response to genotoxic stress, which is associated with the emergence of resistance mechanisms to anti-cancer therapies such as chemo-/radiotherapy, but also immunotherapy. The development of this ambitious project relies on the combination of distinct but complementary expertise in the field of RNA, both coding (Anne Cammas, Hervé Prats, Stefania Millevoi) and non-coding (Estelle Espinos), and of the cellular response to DNA damage, including cell cycle, apoptosis and autophagy (Estelle Espinos and Stéphane Manenti).

Although our projects stem from fundamental questions on RNA regulation and the response to genotoxic stress, in particular autophagy, our ultimate ambition is to provide information on their clinical relevance in head and neck cancer (HNSCC), a prevalent and aggressive disease associated with high recurrence and mortality. Our team benefits from the expertise of Sébastien Vergez, otolaryngologist and cervico-facial surgeon, as well as from the synergy with IUCT-O, including the ORL committee and the biostatistic plateform (Thomas Filleron). The research program integrates bioinformatics analyses and experimental approaches, combining large-scale transcriptomic/proteomic analyses with more mechanistic studies on candidate genes, as well as analyses performed on primary patient samples. The knowledge generated through this project, linking the RNA molecule to the patient, will enlighten new concepts for the development of RNA-based therapeutic strategies targeting autophagy in HNSCC cancers.

Head and neck cancers (HNSCC)

Response to DNA damage 

Molecular mechanisms of therapeutic resistance 


Post-transcriptional regulations 


Translation of mRNAs

RNA binding proteins 

G-quadruplex RNA structures 

“Omics” approaches




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