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Ceramide metabolism in melanoma: from basic mechanisms to immunotherapy

General presentation of the team

Our team was created in 2011, under the direction of Prof. Thierry Levade. Since 2021, it has been led by Prof. Bruno Ségui and Dr. Nathalie Andrieu-Abadie. It is composed of 26 members, including 3 researchers, 2 assistant professors, 4 professors, 5 engineers/technicians, 2 hospital practitioners, 2 post-doctoral fellows, 5 PhD students and 3 master trainees per year.

Scientific objectives

Cutaneous melanoma is the leading cause of death among skin cancers. Immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICI) have revolutionised the therapeutic management of patients with advanced cutaneous melanoma. However, only half of patients respond sustainably to ICIs due to primary or adaptive resistance mechanisms. Abnormal lipid profiles are often associated with an altered metabolic phenotype in tumour cells, which is a hallmark of cancer. The scientific activity of our team aims to better understand the molecular mechanisms by which alterations in ceramide metabolism contribute to melanoma progression, immune escape and resistance to ICI in preclinical models of melanoma. Through existing collaborations between researchers and clinicians, our ambition is to transfer our basic scientific findings to the clinic with the aim of identifying new biomarkers to predict response to ICIs and to propose appropriate treatments for patients with advanced melanoma. In addition, our research over the past 5 years has provided the scientific rationale for three clinical trials in 150 patients with advanced melanoma treated with immunotherapy. These trials are under the responsibility of Prof. Nicolas Meyer, oncodermatologist at the IUCT.

Our ultimate goal is to reprogram the metabolism of ceramide to improve therapeutic efficacy.

The specificities
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Team members

Tania Margarido Pereira
Doctorant / PhD student
Doctorant / PhD student
Benjamin Jung
Doctorant / PhD student
Frédérique Sabourdy
Enseignant chercheur / University researcher
Stéphanie Brayer
Clinicien Chercheur / Researcher hospital practitioner
Marie Tosolini
Ingénieur de laboratoire / laboratory engineer
Lorry Carrié
Doctorant / PhD student
Patricia Clave
Technicien de laboratoire / Laboratory Technician
Stéphane Carpentier
Technicien de laboratoire / Laboratory Technician
Laura Leroy
Ingénieur de laboratoire / laboratory engineer
Bruno Segui
Chercheur statutaire / permanent scientist
Virginie Garcia
Ingénieur de laboratoire / laboratory engineer
Thierry Levade
Hospitalo-Universitaire / University teacher hospital practitioner
Nathalie Andrieu
Chercheur statutaire / permanent scientist
Matthieu Genais
Doctorant / PhD student
Elodie Mucher
Ingénieur de laboratoire / laboratory engineer
Joëlle Riond
Chercheur statutaire / permanent scientist
Laurence Nieto
Enseignant chercheur / University researcher
Anne Montfort
Chercheur statutaire / permanent scientist
Mathieu Virazels
Doctorant / PhD student

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