The analysis of nucleic sequences and their expression using high, medium and low throughput techniques.



Training and assistance on open access equipment (qPCR, automated microcapillary electrophoresis, fluorimetric assay).

Implementation of projects/technical services ranging from sample quality control to medium and high throughput data production (microchips, nanostring, NGS, single cell).



Quantitative and qualitative control of nucleic acids

ClarioStar LVis (BMG Labtech)

    • Micro-volume (2µL) spectral assay plate for 16 samples simultaneously.

      Free access, by reservation GRR. 


    Qubit 4.0 (ThermoFisher Scientific)



    Fluorimetric assay from dedicated kits on 1-20µL samples.

    Four kits are available on the shelf: dsDNA Broad Range (4-1000ng), dsDNA High Sensitivity (0.2-100ng), RNA Broad Range (20-1000ng), RNA High Sensitivity (5-100ng). Other kits are available from the supplier.

    Free access after information, by reservation GRR.


    Fragment Analyzer (Agilent)

    Automated microcapillary electrophoresis for the control of 11-12 samples simultaneously. The instrument allows automated handling of up to 288 samples (3 96-well plates).

    The tray has different kits covering applications for RNA quality control (2µL to 50-5000pg/µL), NGS libraries (2µL to 50-5000pg/µL) or DNA fragment size determination/PCR (ideal for lineage genotyping). Other kits are available from the supplier.

    The equipment is available as a service or free of charge after compulsory training and upon GRR reservation. Pricing depends on the kit used, available on request.


    The facility has three qPCR machines (Applied Biosystems, Life Technologies): two StepOne Plus (96 wells) and one QuantStudio5 (384 wells).
    The blocks work with standard or fast chemistries. The following fluorochromes can be used: FAM™/SYBR® Green/EvaGreen, VIC®/JOE™, NED™/TAMRA™, and ROX™.
    The 96-well blocks allow for primer hybridization temperature optimizations through the Veriflex system.
    Proper compatibility of plastics and chemistries should be checked by the user before each use.

    Free access equipment, GRR reservation. Pricing available on request.


    nCounter Analysis System

    Panel analysis of gene expression by direct quantification (Nanostring Technologies).

    This technology mainly allows the direct quantification of gene expression up to 800 targets, without amplification. It is an intermediary between qPCR and transcriptome chips or NGS sequencing. It has the advantage of working on degraded RNA…


    Chromium Single Cell Controller



    Single cell isolation for gene expression analysis in NGS sequencing (10X Genomics)

    This technology allows the separation of 500 to 10,000 cells/sample and the analysis of their individual gene expression. The approach to cellular heterogeneity is made possible by the use of a…


    Séquençage NGS NextSeq550



    The platform has an Illumina NextSeq 550 ( that generates up to 400 million single-end reads/run High output or 130 million single-end reads/run Mid output.

    The main application proposed is transcriptome analysis …





    The tray has a high-performance chip scanner, the Illumina iScan (

    This scanner offers two types of application…


    TERMS &


    The use of free access equipment implies the prior and compulsory reservation of specific time slots via the GRR
    interface (accessible via the inserm identifier). In case of difficulty, please contact the staff of the platform.

    Pricing for the use of open access equipment is available on request.

    The management of a project is subject to prior planning and a specific adapted estimate. A quotation can only be drawn up after discussion and presentation of the project by the client in order to best adapt to the needs.
    We are also available for the preparation of financial requests. For any consultation or project planning, please contact the stage staff.

    All new users must have read the internal rules of the Genomics and Transcriptomics Platform and returned the information sheet.



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