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Chromium Single Cell Controller


Single cell isolation for gene expression analysis in NGS sequencing (10X Genomics)

This technology allows the separation of 500 to 10,000 cells/sample and the analysis of their individual gene expression. The approach to cellular heterogeneity is made possible. The principle is based on the encapsulation of a cell in an oil droplet containing a bead on which poly dT oligonucleotides are attached to capture mRNAs. Uniqueness is given by the use of a specific barcode for each bead.

In order to better identify subpopulations or to follow the expression of a surface protein of interest, it is possible to couple the measurement of individual gene expression with the identification of cell surface proteins by the CITE-Seq method (antibody labelling).

Other applications are gradually being developed: VDJ, ATAC-Seq (epigenetics), CNV, etc.


Access to this technology is by project service and specific quote.

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