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nCounter Analysis System


Panel analysis of gene expression by direct quantification (Nanostring Technologies)


This technology mainly allows the direct quantification of gene expression up to 800 targets, without amplification. It is an intermediary between qPCR and transcriptome chips or NGS sequencing. It has the advantage of working on degraded RNA.

This technology is based on the use of fluorescent barcodes associated with probes targeting genes of interest.

There are many pre-established panels (human, murine) targeting certain pathways or diseases such as inflammation, immunology, cancer, neuropathologies, autoimmune diseases, miRNAs, etc. It is possible to add targets of interest to the pre-established panels. It is also possible to have your own panel established with targets of interest, particularly for other species or to test a gene signature. Nanostring designs the probes.

The quantities of RNA required are between 50 and 300ng depending on the panel and the quality of the sample. The minimum size for use is 12 samples.


Nanostring offers other types of applications such as CNV (Copy Number Variation) quantification, gene fusion detection, etc.

Access to this technology is by project service and specific quotation.


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