Support services

  An essential link in the CRCT chain…

Support services are an essential link in the CRCT chain. They provide administrative and technical support to all our researchers so that they can carry out their research programs in the best possible conditions and environment.

With more than 25 dedicated staff under the direct supervision of the Director and the Administrative Director, the CRCT’s support services work in close collaboration with the counterpart services of CRCT’s parent institutions, in particular with the services of the Inserm’s regional Authority.

The scientific partnerships department offers our researchers a watch and monitoring activity on the main calls for projects and help them in the projects’ set-up and follow-up. It also centralises all the information allowing the scientific communication of the Center, in particular through its scientific report.

The department of administration is responsible for the administrative and financial follow-up of our activities. For instance, it is within this department that all the financial resources of the Center, the teams and the platform facilities are managed, but also all the administrative procedures accompanying the activity of our staff.

The logistics department is particularly wide and diversified in its responsabilities. For instance, all the activities related to the maintenance, the technical follow-up and the safety of our 25 000 sqm. building  are managed in this department. It is also within this department that essential services will be found, such as the storehouse service (which, thanks to its own markets, allows all the researchers to be supplied with the usual laboratory consumables), the glass wash service (which manages the sterilization of all containers and other items used in our laboratories) and the IT service (which manages the IT follow-up, but also the maintenance of our servers and networks).

Finally, the health and safety department is responsible for the follow-up of all the procedures and protocols related to radiation protection and, in general, the supervision of the prevention of the risks inherent in our research activity.