The ImPact team is awarded the prestigious Fondation ARC label for 3 years

Precision virotherapy for pancreatic cancer (PREVIP)

Pancreatic cancer will soon become the third leading cause of cancer death, mainly due to the lack of effective treatments. This project focus on the therapeutic potential of oncolytic viruses, which specifically infect and thrive in tumors to induce cancer cell death, with the promise of recruiting an antitumor immune response, which further enhances their anticancer effects. By studying the cellular factors that govern viral infection, we will identify patients who are most likely to benefit from virotherapy. Understanding the molecular mechanisms involved in oncolytic virus infection is vital for the development of new therapeutic combinations, to overcome resistance to chemotherapy and immunotherapy and to enhance the overall therapeutic response. Last, computational modeling can provide valuable insights into viral dynamics and optimize treatment parameters to achieve maximum efficacy while minimizing side effects. Ultimately, this project will lay the groundwork for early-phase clinical trials in precision virotherapy for pancreatic cancer patients.


  • Dr Nelson Dusetti, centre de recherche en cancérologie de Marseille
  • Prof Sylvain Cussat-Blanc, IRIT, UT1, IRIT@CRCT
  • Dr Christel Devaud, CRCT.
Centre de Recherches en Cancérologie de Toulouse

Centre de Recherches contre le Cancer de Toulouse (Oncopole)

Toulouse - FR

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