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Using a preclinical orthotopic model of metastatic colorectal cancer, the T2i team demonstrated the systemic anti-metastatic effect of intestinal T lymphocytes capable of migrating to other organs. This finding was then validated in patients with colorectal cancer treated with immunotherapy. The team is continuing this work to define signatures predictive of response to immunotherapies and to develop anti-cancer vaccines aimed at boosting these intestinal T lymphocytes. Read article
The team pursued its work showing the role of depleted T cells as predictors of clinical response to immunotherapy. Read article
The team is currently taking part in two clinical trials designed to evaluate TG4050, the personalized cancer vaccine developed by Transgene. Launched in 2021, these trials concern gynecological and ENT cancers. The first non-viral-induced ENT cancer patients to benefit from this vaccine in Europe are IUCT-Oncopole patients. The T2i team has joined forces with the immunomonitoring platform to monitor these two innovative phase 1 clinical trials at the IUCT-Oncopole. To find out more

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Centre de Recherches en Cancérologie de Toulouse

Centre de Recherches contre le Cancer de Toulouse (Oncopole)

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