Video microscope Cell Observer

Wide field microscopes are particularly used for long term monitoring of cells. The full field illumination allows the use of low light levels which limits the degradation of the exposed tissue.

The video microscope on the platform is a Cell Observer based on a fully motorised inverted microscope AxioObserver Z1 (ZEISS). It allows investigations on living cells at fast rates but also acquisitions over long periods (up to 1 week of observation). The system is adapted for a multiplicity of plastic and glass backgrounds (boxes, Labtek, etc…)

Two illumination sources:

    •  Source LED Colibri 2 (ZEISS), la technologie LED permet en limitant les UV de limiter la phototoxicité. 4 longueurs d’ondes disponibles pour fluorescences (Bleu, Vert, Rouge et rouge lointain)
    • La source HXP 120 permet de travailler avec les cubes CFP et YFP.

The objectives present are:

    • EC Plan-Neofluar   10x / 0,3 Ph1
    • Plan-Apochromat   20x / 0,8
    • Plan-Apochromat   40x / 1,4 Oil DIC
    • Plan-Apochromat   63x / 1,4 Oil DIC

In addition, the instrument has a complete environmental control for temperature and CO2 as well as a motorised stage allowing multidimensional acquisitions (multi-colour, multi-position, mosaic, and Z-stack at the same time) on living cells.

It is driven by the ZEN 2012 blue edition software.


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