From circular RNA to circular RNA derived from chromosomal translocations in hematological malignancies

Circular non-coding RNA

chromosomal translocations


Fabienne Meggetto, Team R’n Blood Biologie des ARN dans les cancers hématologiques



RNAs the unsung heroes. Vaccine when messenger RNA encodes a protein, the newly discovered and very stable circular non-coding RNAs are potential biomarkers of cancers. Some circular RNAs originate from chromosomal translocations, genetic alterations that are very frequent in blood cancers.

F. Meggetto’s group has been working for many years on the impact of non-coding RNAs in the genesis and treatment resistance of anaplastic large cell lymphoma. This cancer, which is one of the most common pediatric T-cell lymphomas, is associated in more than 80% of cases with chromosomal translocation (which is the transfer of a chromosome segment to another chromosome) of the gene coding for the oncogenic protein NPM-ALK. In 2018, Erika Brunet and Loélia Babin identified for the first time circular RNAs derived from this translocation.

In the review published in JCI Insight, we present the state of knowledge of circular RNAs in blood cancers and their potentials as biomarkers of treatment resistance.


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JCI Insight. 2021 Nov 8;6(21):e151513.
From circRNAs to fusion circRNAs in hematological malignancies.
Babin L, Andraos E, Fuchs S, Pyronnet S, Brunet E, Meggetto F.

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