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Applications with supporting documents (see categories below) can be submitted without an appointment to the CRCT reception desk, from Monday to Friday and from 1.30 to 4.00 pm.

Any incomplete and/or incorrectly filled in application form will be refused.

Due to the time required to process applications and for regulatory reasons, any application submitted less than one month before the start of the course will be refused.

If you do not fit into any of the categories identified below, please contact the Welcome Department by email or by telephone on +33(0) 5 82 74 15 75.

To make sure that you do not forget any of the required documents, you can download and print the “trainee memo” by clicking here.


Who signed my agreement? What are the ” mandatory mentions ” on this subject?

In order to be able to carry out your activity at the CRCT, you will need to have an agreement setting out the general terms and conditions. This agreement will bind 3 “Parties” (= “actors”): you, your home institution and Inserm, which is the main supervisor of the CRCT. As the CRCT does not have a “legal personality” as it is, you should make sure that the copies of the agreement that will be given to you by your home institution do not indicate the CRCT as the “signatory party” of the agreement, but the Occitanie Pyrénées Regional Delegation of Inserm; the wording will thus be as follows:

Inserm – Occitanie Pyrénées Regional Delegation
Madame la Déléguée régionale
CHU Purpan – BP 3048
31024 Toulouse Cedex 3

Any other wording than the one indicated above will prevent the submission of your application to the CRCT reception service.

Your internship agreement must also specify:

  • The CRCT team in which your internship will take place, as well as the name of the team leader,
  • The place of work: this is where you should indicate the address of the CRCT: Centre de Recherches en Cancérologie de Toulouse, CRCT UMR 1037 Inserm/Université Toulouse III Paul Sabatier, 2 avenue Hubert Curien, CS 53717, 31037 Toulouse Cedex 1.

What are the internship durations at Inserm? What do I need to know about my attendance at the CRCT

Work placements and periods of on-the-job training are periods of practical experience with a specific educational purpose. Thus, the duration of the placement depends on the course of study in which the trainee is enrolled.

In any case, the duration of the internship, whatever it may be, is limited to a maximum of 6 months per teaching year, i.e. 924 hours or 132 days (of a maximum of 7 hours/day). To calculate the duration of the internship, it is necessary to remember that

  • 22 days of presence, consecutive or not = 1 month
  • 7 hours of presence, consecutive or not = 1 day

The maximum weekly duration (= actual presence per week in the Unit) performed by a trainee is 35 hours. Attention: trainees are not allowed to be present, even accompanied, at the CRCT:

  • at weekends and on public holidays,
  • outside normal working hours (7.30 a.m. to 7.30 p.m. from Monday to Friday).

    Is my internship “gratified” (= “paid”) ?

    Any internship at Inserm exceeding 2 months, consecutive or not (see above to know how to calculate 1 month), during the same teaching period must be gratified by Inserm, even if the intern benefits from a grant at the same time (the “Research Year” internships of medical, dental or pharmacy interns are excluded from this scheme, as they are not gratified).

    If the internship is gratified, the amount of this gratification is not a fixed amount but varies according to the number of hours of effective presence during each month of the internship.

    To find out the hourly rate of the bonus, please consult the “bonus” section on the Public Service page available here.

    … and to know everything about the legislation applicable to internships, click on the Public Service link here!

    Preparing my Case

    Before continuing, please read the previous block carefully.

    You are a medical or pharmaceutical student and you are going to do your “Research Year” at the CRCT. The documents that Inserm will need for your internship application to be processed are:

    • a copy of both sides of your  identity card (Carte Nationale d’Identité or passport); if you are a minor, a copy of both sides of your legal guardian’s identity card is also required.
    • a copy of your civil liability insurance certificate. Attention: this certificate must imperatively stipulate that you are covered for your internship!
    • a copy of your Carte Vitale or your Social Security certificate. If you are attached to a third party, you must provide his/her Social Security certificate.
    • a copy of your school certificate.
    • 4 copies of the placement agreement issued to you by your home institution. Please note: make sure that the contact details of the Inserm’s Occitanie Pyrénées Regional Delegation are indicated (and not those of the CRCT, cf. the block above “Frequently Questions”).

    ll of these documents must be submitted to the CRCT reception desk from Monday to Friday from 1.30 pm to 4 pm.

    Any incomplete application will be refused.

    Any application submitted less than 1 month before the start date of the course will be refused.

    To make sure you do not forget any of the required documents, you can download and print the “trainee memo” by clicking here.


    After having read this information, do not forget to consult the “prepare my first day” block (bottom of the page) in order to know the procedures to follow for your first day at the CRCT.

      Prepare My First Day


      Prior to your 1st day at the CRCT: New staff registration form CRCT & NEO

      1. Before your first day at the CRCT, you must send your CRCT staff registration form (downloadable here) by email to Laurence Granier: . 
      2. Prior to your first day, you are also required to complete the online prevention training module available on the NEO platform. At the end of this online training, you will receive an email certifying your success which you will have to provide on your first day at the CRCT. For more information on NEO, click here; to access the NEO platform, click here.

      Please note: without the registration form and the NEO training success email, you will not be issued a CRCT badge, and therefore access to the Centre.


      On your first day at the CRCT

      On your first day at the CRCT, please bring with you:

      • the IUCT-O trainee badge application form which can be downloaded here (this badge allows access to the gown dispensers and the staff restaurant). For the delivery of this badge, you will also have to provide
        • a copy of both sides of your identity document (passport or identity card),
        • a copy of your Carte Vitale or your Social Security certificate (or that of the person to whom you are attached),
        • an identity photograph,
      • your e-mail confirming that you have passed the NEO prevention module (see above).
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