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Cross-regulation between PI3Ks

Can they be used to better prevent tumor progression?
PI3Ks are a family of three classes of enzymes essential to cell life and which are frequently deregulated in cancer. The dependence of tumors on different types of class I PI3Ks is governed by putative genetic mutations and the tumor context (inflammation, etc.). While knowledge of class II and III PI3Ks in cancer is still too limited, class I PI3Ks seem to be dependent on mechanisms similar to those responsible for tumoral growth. The future of anti-cancer therapies targeting PI3Ks lies in a better understanding of these enzymes and the simultaneous targeting of several classes of PI3Ks with innovative drugs.
This project, coordinated by Dr Benoit Thibault and Dr Julie Guillermet-Guibert, will benefit in 2022 from the permanent recruitment of Dr Benoit Thibault as an Inserm researcher.

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