SigDYN team awarded the ARC Fondation label for 3 years

Treating pancreatic cancer with therapies targeting oncogenic PI3K signaling

Among the various types of oncogenic signaling, activation of PI3K signaling is the most frequent in cancer. For over 10 years, the SigDYN team has been contributing to demonstrate that PI3K signaling is necessary for the development of pancreatic cancer. The ARC Foundation is now sponsoring us with this team label to generate the knowledge needed to develop new combination therapies using PI3K inhibitors.

In particular, the team is studying two aspects of PI3K-controlled tumor biology that are little or not fully understood to date:

1- The resistance to physical forces of confinement and compression that could prevent tumors from progressing.

2- The establishment and evolution of tumor inflammation.

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Centre de Recherches contre le Cancer de Toulouse (Oncopole)

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