NeoVirTech SAS develops autofluorescent viruses and viral vectors for imaging and discovery of new antiviral drug candidates in human health, animal health and biodefense. The company has an ever-expanding catalogue of viruses and fluorescent vectors and relies on its proprietary ANCHOR™ technology, the only non-invasive technique for detecting DNA inside living cells. Since the Covid19 pandemic, the company has been actively involved in the validation of antivirals directed against SARS-CoV-2 and the validation of disinfection procedures.

NeoVirTech has recently joined the CRCT to develop its activities in oncology in close collaboration with CRCT researchers and clinicians from the Toulouse Oncopole University Cancer Institute. Within the CRCT, NeoVirTech shares its proprietary ANCHORTM technology to study the dynamics of gene expression regulation in living cells, and also provides its expertise in conducting high content screening campaigns using chemical libraries. The flagship programme of the CRCT and NeoVirTech consists of the development of new oncolytic viruses for cancer therapy, in close collaboration with the ImPACT team of the CRCT. In short, the partners aim to set up a theranostic platform to study the anti-tumour efficacy of oncolytic viruses in preclinical models, in order to better select patients who can benefit from this innovative therapy and to identify combinations to increase the efficacy of the virotherapy.


Sandrine Kappler-Gratias
Chercheur invité / visiting researcher
Franck Gallardo
Chercheur invité / visiting researcher
Charlotte Quentin-Froignant
Chercheur invité / visiting researcher
Elie Marcheteau
Chercheur invité / visiting researcher

Centre de Recherches en Cancérologie de Toulouse

Toulouse Cancer Research Center (Oncopole)

Toulouse – FR

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