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Translational control of gene expression in hematological tumors



From the genetic information contained in the DNA, our organism manufactures, according to its needs, the proteins necessary for all the mechanisms of life. But for this, each gene needs an intermediary resulting from the “transcription” of the genome: it is ribonucleic acid, or RNA, which is then translated into protein. Although normally very well controlled, alterations or modifications of the mechanisms regulating the translation of RNA into protein have been identified. They contribute to the cancer process or to the resistance to current treatments. Our group aims to identify new translational alterations in hematological tumors, to understand their impact on normal or cancerous cell function and to explore the possibility that they may provide new therapeutic targets.





Recent publications


Gourvest M, De Clara E, Wu HC, Touriol C, Meggetto F, de Thé H, Pyronnet S, Brousset P and Bousquet M. A novel leukemic route of mutant NPM1 through nuclear import of the overexpressed long noncoding RNA LONA. Leukemia 2021, In Press.

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*co-corresponding authors

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INCa, ANR, Ligue contre le Cancer, Fondation de France, ARC, Région Occitanie, LabEx TOUCAN, EVOTEC, Laboratoires Pierre Fabre.

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