A 2-years post-doctoral position is open in CRCT’s team 19 (ONCOSARC / F. Chibon), starting 01/01/2018


The ONCOSARC team of CRCT is focused on deciphering pleomorphic sarcoma oncogenesis. Since these tumors are characterized by a highly rearranged genome, we study, for many years, the tumor genome and more specifically its structural variations (whole genome copy number variations, fusion transcripts, see Pubmed for more details) to understand how this genome remodeling drives oncogenesis. To go deeper into this analysis, we are currently leading a large project aiming to sequence the whole genome of leiomyosarcomas (ICGC-LMS).

After sequencing of the 67 first patients, our aim is to functionally characterize recurrent structural variants (SV) identified by sequencing. Indeed, we observed that, contrary to SNV (single nucleotide variants), SV recurred and genes altered by this mechanism belong to interconnected pathways relevant to cancer biology. Based on patient samples and cellular models we derived from patients, candidate will have to produce a functional characterization to unravel how pathway alteration by the most recurrent SV participate to leiomyosarcoma oncogenesis.

Requested profile:

  • We welcome applications from scientists in cell biology and cancer biology.
  • The candidate has a PhD in cancer biology (with or without post-doc experience).
  • He/she should have expertise in tumor genomics and experience in standard molecular and cell biology technique.
  • We are searching for a postdoc fellow who can work independently and develop his/her own ideas and visions in line with the project. Candidates should be highly motivated, creative, and have strong communication skills.

The candidate will be involved in one main objectif: unravel the mechanism by which specific candidate gene, altered by structural variation, participates to leiomyosarcoma oncogenesis.

Applications with full CV and cover letter must be sent to Dr. Frédéric Chibon, Head of the ONCOSARC team: frederic.chibon@inserm.fr

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