We seek a highly motivated scientist that hold a Ph.D in immunology with a strong background in cellular immunology, cell signaling and experience in mouse models. Good track record, communication, technical and organizational skills are expected.


The position is for 2 years, available immediately. The application should contain a motivation letter, CV and contact details of 2 referees.


The manipulation of endogenous immune response against cancer represents a promising approach to potentiate actual drugs and induce long lasting remissions. We recently contributed to show the importance of a new family of stress sensing receptors that include CD226 (DNAM-1), CD96 (TACTILE) and TIGIT (WUCAM, Vstm3) in regulating immune response mediated by NK and CD8+ cytotoxic lymphocytes (Martinet et al, Nature immunology 2014, Cell reports 2015, nature reviews immunology, 2015). Their common ligands, the nectin family proteins CD112 and CD155, are regulated by cellular stress and are often expressed at the surface of malignant cells. We recently obtained strong evidence demonstrating that CD226 activating receptor limits spontaneous multiple myeloma (MM) development and is required for anti-myeloma chemotherapy optimal efficacy (Guillerey et al, Journal of clinical investigation 2015). A better understanding of nectin receptor family role in cytotoxic lymphocyte anti-tumor responses is the focus of this project. To achieve these goals, a complementary approach involving tumor mouse models and analysis of cancer patients’ samples will be used.

Relevant publications

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