New publication on Autophagy

Liver cancer


cholangio carcinoma


microbial metabolite

cell death


oxidative stress

Hala ShalhoubEquipe SigDyn – Integrated cellular signalling and PI3K isoforms

Our cells can eat itself through a process called Autophagy! We showed that the flux of autophagy is heterogenous among liver cancer patients and that simultaneous activation and blockade of autophagy may be a valuable approach against this cancer.

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Autophagy Reports Volume 3, 2024 – Issue 1
Simultaneous activation and blockade of autophagy to fight hepatocellular carcinoma
Hala Shalhoub, Patrick Gonzalez, Alexandre Dos Santos, Julie Guillermet-Guibert, Nicolas Moniaux, Nicolas Dupont & Jamila Faivre

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