A disease characterised by the multiplication of cancerous cells in the bone marrow, multiple myeloma affects around 4,000 new patients each year in France, for whom current treatments do not, in the majority of cases, provide a complete cure.

The MMIL project aims to better understand the mechanisms of recognition and eradication of cancer cells by the immune system. This research project is based both on the study of animal models of myeloma and on the analysis of patient samples that could increase the recognition of tumour cells by killer lymphocytes and improve the effectiveness of current therapies through innovative strategies.

The MMIL project is coordinated by Dr Ludovic Martinet (CRCT team 13) and Prof. Hervé Avet-Loiseau (IUCT-O Myeloma Genomics Unit). It has received support of €100,000 from the Claudius Regaud Institute / University Cancer Institute of Toulouse-Oncopole.

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