Leiomyosarcomas (LMS) are among the most common sarcomas and their prognosis is still poor. No effective systemic treatment has been identified so far and surgery remains the mainstay of management. Their oncogenesis remains poorly understood.

To decipher this oncogenesis, the team led by F. Chibon led a large sequencing project in which combinations of genetic alterations have been identified suggesting that SRF-dependent transcriptional regulation is a powerful driver of LMS oncogenesis.

The project therefore aims to evaluate the efficacy of therapeutic targeting of the SRF axis in SML. Validation of this hypothesis will then establish the preclinical basis for considering the therapeutic evaluation of SRF axis inhibitors in patients with SML.

The LMSTAR project is coordinated by Dr Frédéric CHIBON and Dr Thibaud VALENTIN. It has received support of €100,000 from the Claudius Regaud Institute / University Cancer Institute of Toulouse-Oncopole.

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