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The Guy Lazorthes 2022 prize is awarded to Jean-Emmanuel SARRY.

Inserm research director, head of the Metabolism and therapeutic resistance in acute myeloid leukaemia team at the Toulouse Cancer Research Centre (CRCT – Inserm/CNRS/University of Toulouse III-Paul Sabatier).

All organisms adapt their metabolism in response to different types of stress to survive. This ability to respond metabolically to stresses ensures heterogeneity and plasticity, leading to the emergence of cellular subpopulations with advantages in survival, proliferation and reconstitution of the original population. Jean-Emmanuel Sarry and his team at the Toulouse Cancer Research Centre show that this adaptive mechanism is a determinant of therapy-resistant cancer cells responsible for relapse in many tumours. A better understanding of these metabolic adaptations thus makes it possible to propose new therapeutic solutions to overcome resistance.

The Academy pays tribute to him on the occasion of the solemn presentation of his prize under the dome of the Institut de France, on 18 October 2022.

[Video]: Opening speech by Patrick Flandrin, Director of Research Emeritus at the CNRS and President of the Académie des Sciences, followed by the presentation of the Guy Lazorthes Prize (in french only).


Jean-Emmanuel Sarry

Equipe METAML – Metabolism and Therapeutic Resistance In Acute Myeloid Leukemia – Direction Jean-Emmanuel Sarry

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