Implementation of a clinical dosimetry workflow to perform personalized dosimetry for internal radiotherapy


Alex Vergara Gil

Multi-resolution dosimetry for radiotherapy optimisation team – Head Manuel Bardiès


Nuclear medicine is a medical specialty that studies the physiology of organs and the metabolism of various types of tumors. Nuclear medicine uses pharmaceuticals bound to a radioactive isotope. Molecular radiotherapy (MRT) is a specialty of nuclear medicine where the vector is directed to targets, usually tumors, and the action of ionizing radiation is aimed at destroying tumors. The follow-up and optimization of MRT requires the evaluation
of the irradiation delivered to the patient (dosimetry).

There is a lack of standardization in internal dosimetry. This thesis provides a standardized approach with descriptive clinical dosimetry workflows. A software named OpenDose3D, based in 3D-Slicer and implementing the proposed workflows was developed, validated and was made publicly available as an open source module. The module was used in clinical research within the MEDIRAD project.

Keywords: Internal dosimetry, Clinical dosimetry workflows, 3D-Slicer.

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Thesis defended on 06 october 2022

Find the full text of the thesis on the Paul Sabatier University website

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