Dose calculation in radiotherapy using the Monte Carlo method

Luc Simon

Monte-Carlo is the reference method for particle transport simulations in Medical Physics. It is widely used for imaging modelling (SPECT, PET, CT) and a little less for radiotherapy applications. However, it could represent a major contribution to dose calculation in situations where the usual clinical algorithms reach their limits (small fields, calculation in inorganic materials, dose at entry and exit, presence of very high or very low densities, presence of motion). This team has developed GAMMORA, a tool to create simulations of the Varian TrueBeam for the GATE/Geant4 platform to calculate the dose in simple and very complex cases, including modulated planes, patient motion, navigation in the patient’s scanner and also the presence of nanoparticles.

Projects :

  • Implementation, Validation and Applications of GAMMORA
  • TrueBeam model with GATE v9.0
  • Effect of motion in radiotherapy
  • Effect of extreme densities in dose calculation.
  • Small fields, SBRT

Partners and funders :

  •     CALMIP
  •     AAP PCSI

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