The accumulation of fluid in the serosa is an important event in the progression of adenocarcinoma. These malignant effusions are characterised by the presence of carcinoma cells. Their presence indicates disease progression and is associated with shorter survival.

The aim of the study is to develop and automate the analysis of morphological parameters of the effusions such as the presence of clusters of carcinoma cells. The identification of morphological characteristics will allow on the one hand to improve the diagnosis and to specify the prognosis, and on the other hand will allow the discovery of the molecular mechanisms which generate them in order to propose new targeted therapies.

The CLUSTER project is coordinated by Dr. Céline BASSET and Dr. Julie GUILLERMET-GUIBERT. It has received support of €100,000 from the Claudius Regaud Institute / University Cancer Institute of Toulouse-Oncopole.

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