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Audrey Lumeau (ImPact team) awarded at the 5th AEK Autumn School of AEK 2020


The German Cancer Society (AEK) presents this year’s 5th AEK Autumn School on the topic of “replicative stress and cancer”. The aim of this autumn school is to promote exchanges between young scientists and established researchers in the field. In addition to listening to their presentations, the projects and results are critiqued and discussed in order to help young scientists advance in their scientific thinking and their career plans. This year, the event was held online and the young scientists whose abstract was selected (doctoral student, post-doctoral student) have the opportunity to present their work during an oral presentation.

Audrey Lumeau (team 10 Molecular heterogeneity of pancreatic tumours), a thesis student co-directed by Pierre Cordelier (team 10) and Malik Lutzmann (team 2 Regulation of DNA replication and genetic instabilities in cancers), obtained the “best young scientist presentation” prize (15-minute oral presentation in English) for her work: A new role for cytidine deaminase in the control of DNA replication and genome stability in pancreatic cancer cells. This work is funded by the Occitanie region, INSERM, the Toulouse Cancer Health Foundation and the Ligue Nationale Contre le Cancer.



Audrey Lumeau

Équipe ImPact : Therapeutic innovation in pancreatic cancer – Direction Pierre Cordelier

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