Vera Pancaldi


Since September 2018 I am leading a computational biology lab at CRCT.

I have been senior researcher in the Life Science department of the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre and I was previously a FEBS fellow in the Structural Biology and Biocomputing group at the CNIO (Spanish National Cancer Research Centre) in Madrid, Spain from 2012 to 2017. Before that I have held post-doctoral research positions at Cambridge University working on epigenetics and hybrid vigour in plants, and at the Sanger Institute and University College London working on fission yeast functional genomics. I hold a degree in Physics and PhD in engineering from Imperial College London.


Research Interests

I was trained as a physicist but found my way in systems and computational biology. I have worked on various projects on stress response in fission yeast and prediction of protein interactions, epigenomics and hybrid vigour in plants, and integrative epigenomics in cancer. 
My main current focus is understanding the relationship between genome architecture and heterogeneity at various levels and relating characteristics of tumour infiltrating immune cells to a patient's prognosis in different cancers through mathematical modelling. 
I also co-founded Cambridge Networks Network in 2011, an online forum for scientists interested in networks in Cambridge and beyond.

Professional Career

2018-Present  NetB(IO)² Team leader (CR)  - Centre de Recherche en Cancérologie de Toulouse, UMR 1037 INSERM, Université Paul Sabatier III, Toulouse, France
2017-Present - Researcher at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center - Spanish National Supercomputing Center (BSC - CNS)
2012-2017 - FEBS fellow and post-doc, Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO)
2011-2012 - Post-doc Baulcombe Lab, Plant Science Department, Cambridge University 
2008-2011- Post-doc Bahler Lab, Welcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, UK and University College London



Research Area
Academic Area

2004-2007 - PhD Physics and Earth Science Engineering, Imperial College London
2000-2004 - MSci Physics, Imperial College London