Ahmed Abdelhamid
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In the context of HeatNMof project, Ahmed is analyzing the magnetic nanocomposites properties and nano-metal organic frameworks (Nano-MOFs) opening under high-frequency magnetic field. In the “Nanomagnetism” research team (LPCNO- INSA Toulouse) under the supervision of Prof. Julian Carrey, Ahmed is doing magnetic study of these nanocomposites to measure their hysteresis loop and heating power under high-frequency magnetic fields in order to select the ones with optimized heating power and understand the link between their structural properties and their heating power. In the “MICROPANC” research team (CRCT) under the supervision of Dr. Véronique Gigoux, Ahmed is investigating the opening of NanoMOFs containing fluorescent molecules or drug using a unique homemade setup allowing real-time observation under a microscope on living cells having internalized nano-MOFs during magnetic hyperthermia experiments. Also, he will explore the effects/mechanisms induced by drug release at a single cell level and in real-time, such as induction of cell death, endo-lysosomes permeabilization and reactive oxygen species generation.

Centre de Recherches en Cancérologie de Toulouse

Centre de Recherches en Cancérologie de Toulouse (Oncopole)

Toulouse – FR

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