AAP 2024 Mission Cancer

Il s’agit d’appels à projets en 1 étape avec une DL au 18 septembre 2024 :


  • HORIZON-MISS-2024-CANCER-01-01: Use cases for the UNCAN.eu research data platform (RIA, 1 projet financé à hauteur de 30 M€)
  • Obj : operationalise the UNCAN.eu research data platform through a series of use-cases. Develop tools supporting researchers to access, manage and analyse cancer digital data
  • HORIZON-MISS-2024-CANCER-01-02: Support dialogue towards the development of national cancer data nodes (CSA, 1 projet financé à hauteur de 3 M€)
  • Obj : Data resource to improve our understanding of cancer, advance prevention and early detection strategies, facilitate the delivery of personalised care, and better address the quality of life of cancer patients and survivors.
  • HORIZON-MISS-2024-CANCER-01-03: Accessible and affordable tests to advance early detection of heritable cancers in European regions (IA, 3 projets financés à hauteur de 10-12 M€ chacun)
  • Obj : Decisive action on early detection using easy-to-use, specific and sensitive, affordable and accessible genetic mutli-omics or other biomarkers-bases tests to diagnosing and treating cancer with an underlying heritable genetic risk at an earlier, potentially curable stage, and with fewer side-effects.
  • HORIZON-MISS-2024-CANCER-01-04: Support a pragmatic clinical trial programme by cancer charities (CSA, 1 projet financé à hauteur de 3 M€)
  • Obj : Pragmatic clinical trials focus on choosing between care options. Pragmatic trials evaluate effectiveness, the effect of treatment in routine (real-world) clinical practice.
  • HORIZON-MISS-2024-CANCER-01-05: Improving the understanding and management of late-effects in adolescents and young adults (AYA) with cancer (6 projets financés à hauteur de 4-6 M€ chacun)
  • Obj : increased awareness and understanding in AYA cancer survivors, ensure accessibility and re-usability of data, identification of effective interventions and best practices to support AYA patients and survivors in preventing, reducing, managing late-effects, promoting optimal health outcomes and overcoming disparities between regions, improved quality of life and long-term outcomes for AYA cancer survivors, including improved physical, emotional, and social well-being.
  • HORIZON-MISS-2024-CANCER-01-07: An information portal for the European Cancer Patient Digital Centre (IA, 1 projet financé à hauteur de 12 M€)
  • Obj : improving the quality of life of cancer patients, survivors and their families though the future European Cancer Patient Digital Centre to facilitate their access to quality information and data sharing.

Vous trouverez les détails de ces 6 AAP aux pages 82 à 99 du programme de travail 2023-2024 des Missions : programme-de-travail-missions-2023-2024-10614.pdf (horizon-europe.gouv.fr)

 La CE prévoit d’organiser une session d’informations pour présenter ces 6 AAP le 26 avril matin :  Events | The research and innovation community platform (europa.eu)


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