Translational Research @ IUCT-Oncopole – Call for proposals 2023

The Institut Universitaire du Cancer de Toulouse -Oncopole (IUCT-O) decided to launch its 5th Call for Proposals (CFP) dedicated to translational research. This call will be funded on donations received by the Oncopole Claudius Regaud & IUCT-O.

The objective of this CFP is to encourage innovative and multidisciplinary projects in translational cancer research, associating at least one clinical team from Institut Universitaire du Cancer de Toulouse-Oncopole (IUCT-O) and one academic team from the Cancer Research Center of Toulouse (CRCT).

For this 5th wave of the translational CFP, the aim is to support “proof of concept” projects, the results of which must eventually lead to an innovative and competitive scientific issue.

The full proposals will be first evaluated remotely by external experts and,then, the coordinators (researcher from the CRCT and clinician from the IUCT-O) of the selected projects will be audited by an ad-hoc external jury. The comprehensive criteria for the evaluation of the projects will be as follows:

  • Research project
    • Originality and novelty of the objective and hypothesis
    • Clarity of the scientific approach and methodology
    • Scientific feasibility and risk management
    • Fit with the call of proposals
    • Relevance of the financial and staff request
  • Teams
    • Global expertise
    • Complementary expertise between teams
    • « Capital gain » for both clinical & basic research sides
    • Management skills
  • Impact
    • Global impact on knowledge, clinic or technology
    • Contribution of the local environment to the probability of success of project
    • Competitiveness at international level

A global support of 300 k€ is dedicated by the IUCT-O to this CFP. At least 3 projects will be funded with a maximum amount of 100 k€ each. The applicants will detail their 100 k€ requested budget. All expenditure is eligible, although it should be noted that:

– all expenditure on salaries will be managed by the Oncopole Claudius Regaud,

– all other expenses (equipment, supplies, missions, internal and external services) may be managed by Inserm.

The application[1] should include:

  • a short abstract of the project,
  • the description of the teams involved,
  • the full scientific program, including the objective(s) of the project, the background, the methodology and techniques used, and the expected results,
  • the CV of the coordinator and other team leaders involved,
  • the 5 main publications, relevant to the project, of the teams involved,
  • the requested budget (model to fill in provided).

Specific recommendations are included:

  • The projects will gather at least one clinical team from IUCT-O and one team from CRCT. Collaborators from outside are allowed as long as the collaboration is part of IUCT-O/CRCT’s teams project but cannot be funded through this CFP.
  • The projects should be different from existing programs and include risk-taking hypotheses.
  • The coordinator should be fully implicated in the project (at least 25% of his/her time).
  • The coordinator of a project submitted to the CFP should not be involved in another project submitted to the same CFP.
  • A list of projects already submitted and of grants obtained at the moment of the application should be provided. If part of the project is submitted elsewhere, describe carefully which part.
  • All projects, as well as their coordinators and co-coordinators, who were formerly funded in 2022 through this same CFP and through the 2022 CFP from the Fondation Toulouse Cancer Santé, will be ruled out of this present CFP.
  • The person who gives the oral presentation should be the coordinator. The co-coordinator must be present at the oral presentation.
  • Some ongoing projects or projects almost done should be ruled out from the call. The projects supported by other sponsors before funding should also be ruled out.
  • The call is not aimed at supporting personnel working in start-ups.


1st of May 2023 ……………………………………

Launching of the Call For Proposals

16th of June 2023………………………………….

Deadline for applications

Applications must be sent to:

Mid-June – September 2023…………………

Remote file assessment by external experts

October / November 2023…………………..

Audition, evaluation and ranking of selected projects by ad-hoc external jury

November / December 2023……………….

Decision made by IUCT-O & funding available

For any question, please contact Sébastien GUIBERT:

[1] Attention: we draw your attention to the number of pages and / or characters that each part of the file must represent. Applications that do not conform to the format will be rejected.

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