I am an Inserm Engineer with a Master degree in physiopathology. In J Guillermet-Guibert team, I develop tumor mice avatar which mimics the long development of pancreatic cancer. One of the major challenges facing research scientist and the clinical community is the fact that pancreatic cancer is a very heterogeneous disease. In particular, development and evolution of tumors present a great inter-individual variation, as well as significant heterogeneity within the tumor of each individual. Understanding this heterogeneity is vital to enable the newly developed targeted therapies to be efficient. Heterogeneity is not simply a function of the cancer cells themselves, but encompasses also the manner in which cancer cells interact with other cells of the tumor microenvironment, also called stroma. This, in turn, impacts the cancer response to treatment therapies, which is different in each individual and in different parts of the primary tumors or in their metastatic sites. As a consequence, treatment choice and its efficiency evaluation should be individualized, even in preclinical settings, to help clinicians predict the best therapeutic option in the shorter timeframe possible, and then to assess the variability of response of the newly developed therapeutic strategies. In this context, my work consists in setting up an integrative longitudinal experimental framework to detect, follow-up, qualify and quantify pancreatic cancer during its progression in situ in mouse avatars mimicking its heterogeneity.

ISI Web of Science Researcher ID: P-2371-2014 / ORCID: 0000-0002-7068-1361

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