Miguel Madrid Mencia

Research Interests

Bioinformatic engineer who applies data analysis/visualization, full stack and systems administration to solve bioinformatics problems.

Professional Career

Oct 2018 – Present: Bioinformatics Engineer & Software Developer in Cancer Research Center of Toulouse (CRCT - INSERM)
Jul 2017 - May 2018: Research Engineer in Barcelona Supercomputing Center - Spanish National Supercomputing Center (BSC - CNS)
May 2016 - Jun 2017: Research Technician in Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO)


Marku, M. et al. Insights on TAM Formation from a Boolean Model of Macrophage Polarization Based on In Vitro Studies. Cancers 12, 3664 (2020).
Lumeau, A. et al. A new role for cytidine deaminase in the control of DNA replication and genomic stability. Pancreatology 20, S41–S42 (2020).
Courtot, L. et al. Low replication stress leads to specific replication timing advances associated to chromatin remodelling in cancer cells. bioRxiv (2020).
Richart, L. et al. STAG2 loss-of-function affects short-range genomic contacts and modulates urothelial differentiation in bladder cancer cells. bioRxiv (2020).
Pont, F. et al. Single-Cell Virtual Cytometer allows user-friendly and versatile analysis and visualization of multimodal single cell RNAseq datasets. NAR Genomics and Bioinformatics 2, lqaa025 (2020).
Madrid-Mencía, M., Raineri, E., Cao, T. B. N. & Pancaldi, V. Using GARDEN-NET and ChAseR to explore human haematopoietic 3D chromatin interaction networks. Nucleic Acids Research gkaa159 (2020).
Madrid and Valencia. High-throughput, interoperability and benchmarking of text-mining with BeCalm biomedical metaserver (White paper), Proceedings of the BioCreative V.5 Challenge Evaluation Workshop, 146-155 (2017)
Martín-Antoniano, I., Alonso, L., Madrid, M., López de Maturana, E. & Malats, N. DoriTool: A Bioinformatics Integrative Tool for Post-Association Functional Annotation. Public Health Genomics 20, 126–135 (2017).

Research Area
Academic Area

2015-2016 Bioinformatics and Computational Biology master
2011-2015 Computer Engineering degree

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