Flavien Raynal

Research Interests

My field of research concerns the study of the 3D chromatin organization and gene expression regulation by processing, integrating and analyzing all types of data from sequencing technologies.

Professional Career

Nov 2019 - Present: Bioinformatics Research Engineer at team NetB(IO)², CRCT, INSERM, Toulouse, France
Jan 2018 - Nov 2019: Bioinformatics Research Engineer at Kerstin Bystricky's lab, LBME, CNRS, Toulouse, France


Marku, M., Verstraete, N., Raynal, F., Madrid-Mencía, M., Domagala, M., Fournié, J.J., Ysebaert, L., Poupot, M. and Pancaldi, V., 2020. Insights on TAM Formation from a Boolean Model of Macrophage Polarization Based on In Vitro Studies. Cancers, 12(12), p.3664.

Research Area

2017 - 2018: Msc in Bioinformatics, University of Toulouse, France
2012 - 2016: Bsc in Biology, University of Toulouse, France