I am a cytopathologist MCU-PH researcher, with a background in oestrogen receptor and apoptosis signalling in cancer and a strong interest in developing ex vivo assay using patient-derived ascites. With J. Guillermet-Guibert, I study intercellular communication in the context of adaptive response to PI3K-targeted therapies. For this project, we are working with the Pathology department to which I belong, to create tri-dimensional cell culture, or 'avatars', reconstituting the chemical and the cellular environment of metastatic cells in the peritoneum (one target organ of metastasis). These avatar cell cultures aim to predict signal-targeted treatment response in the clinic so as to identify innovative combinative therapeutic strategies to increase their efficiency. In the future, such personalized medicine methodologies could help in decision making in these cancer settings (pancreatic cancer and ovarian cancer).