Alexis Hucteau

Research Interests

I am interested in multi-omics data analysis in Acute myeloid Leukemia to determine the genomics behind metabolic chemo-resistance. I’m currently working on the integration of DNA methylation, 3D chromatin conformation and gene expression. My work is a collaboration with the team resist@ml of Jean-Emmanuel Sarry and this team NetB(IO)².


Reference-based deconvolution algorithm using RNAseq data can be improved by DNA methylation data (not published yet)

Mitochondrial metabolism supports resistance to IDH mutant inhibitors in acute myeloid leukemia

Research Area

2020-Present: PhD,  CRCT Cancer Research Center of Toulouse, France
2018-2020: MSc Bio-informatics/Computational Biology, Université de Bordeaux, France
2012-2018: BSc Molecular cellular and physiological biology, Université de Bordeaux, France