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Conférence CRCT : Dr Camille Lobry Institut Gustave Roussy, Paris : Non-coding genome and epigenetic regulation of transcription in leukemia

Salle C. Cazaux, CRCT 2 Avenue Hubert Curien, Toulouse

Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) is the most common acute leukemia diagnosed in adults and is accounted for approximately 25000 new diagnosed cases per year in Europe. Despite the use of chemotherapy and stem cell transplantation, AML has a dismal overall 5-year survival of 24% and almost 50% of AML patients relapse after treatment. Currently, there […]

Conférence CRCT : Dr Valérie Dutoit / Université de Genève – Therapeutic vaccination for glioblastoma

Salle C. Cazaux, CRCT 2 Avenue Hubert Curien, Toulouse

The peptidome contains the critical peptides presented at the tumor cell surface having the potential to be recognized by CD8 T lymphocytes. We used peptide elution to identify 10 glioblastoma-associated HLA-A2-resscticted antigens that had the characteristics to be highly expressed in tumors, to have very low or absent expression in healthy tissues, and to be […]