RNAOcc 2022 Annual Conference

02 june 2022, Toulouse

RNAOcc 2022 Annual Conference

RNAOcc 2022 Annual Conference – Amphitheatre Centre de Biologie Intégrative- Campus Université Paul Sabatier

The Occitanie community working on RNA will meet on June 2, 2022 at the Centre de Biologie Intégrative (CBI) in Toulouse on the campus of Paul Sabatier University.

The Occitanie community working on RNA (fundamental molecule at the heart of gene expression and its regulation) is made up of more than a hundred people who study the synthesis and function of a large repertoire of RNAs in normal and pathological contexts using experimental and bioinformatics approaches. The aim of this “RNAOcc” symposium is to bring together the Occitanie community to encourage exchanges and new collaborations. The researchers, teacher-researchers and students (PhD and M2R students) who will participate in this conference work in CNRS, INSA, INRAE, INSERM and university laboratories. The research themes addressed during the conference will be transcription, ribosome synthesis, translation, RNA maturation pathways, functions and controls of small RNA expression.

We will be pleased to welcome Dominque Gagliardi (IBPM Strasbourg) for a plenary lecture “Uridylation: a multitask modification in RNA degradation”.

The congress website is open https://rnaocc.sciencesconf.org

 deadline for submission of abstracts: 02 May 2022
registration deadline: 23 May 2022


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