Research teams



01 M. Ayyoub

Antitumor immunity and immunotherapy

03 G. Favre

Cellular signaling, oncogenesis and therapeutics

04 T. Levade & N. Andrieu

Sphingolipid metabolism, cell death and tumor progression

05 S. Millevoi

RNA-binding proteins and post-transcriptional regulation in cancer

06 S. Pyronnet / C. Bousquet

Protein synthesis and secretion in oncogenesis

07 P. Brousset

RNA biology in hematological cancers

08 S. Manenti

Cell cycle and cancer

09 J.J. Fournié

Therapeutic Innovations in B lymphomas

10 P. Cordelier

Molecular heterogeneity of pancreatic tumors

11 E. Cohen-Jonathan / C. Toulas

Glioblastoma radioresistance: from signaling pathways to clinical trials

12 M. Poirot / S. Silvente-Poirot

Cholesterol metabolism and therapeutic innovations

13 H. Avet-Loiseau

Pharmacogenomics of multiple myeloma

14 E. Chatelut

Dose individualization of anticancer drugs

15 M. Bardiès

Multiscale dosimetry for radiotherapy optimization

16 E. Delabesse

Alteration of transcription factors in acute leukemias

17 J. Guillermet-Guibert & J.P. Delord

SIGDYN – PI3K isoforms, signalling and cancerogenesis

18 J.E. Sarry

RESIST@ML Drug resistance and oncometabolism in acute myeloid leukemia

19 F. Chibon

ONCOSARC – Oncogenesis of sarcomas